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Multitasking is my homage to the working mom. My muses are my wife, Heather Joy Harlan and my daughter, Violet Mujica. But, this painting is every mother who nurtures life whether the work at a job outside of the home or whether they stay at home. I painted it with love and admiration for what you do.

This painting has won many awards over the years including the Art Expo Solo Award, and other awards from the Portrait Society of America, the National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society, and the Oil Painters of America. It has gone viral on several occasions and has been "liked" over a million times. It has spawned Chinese copies, and Russian imitations. It has spawned parodies and and spoofs. It has started heated online conversations regarding breastfeeding and how appropriate it is in public. It has been banned and blocked as indecency. It has started conversations regarding whether it is a painting or a doctored photo, (it is a painting with some touch up to get rid of the glare in the original painting).

Several women have approached me wondering how I managed to get a picture of them and at one jealous husband contacted me and threatened me claiming that this is HIS wife! Ryshell Castleberry wrote a poem to this painting that has gone viral several times, that compares stay at home mom to "working for a living". And this has spawned several long, fascinating online conversations regarding Stay at Home Mom vs Working Mom.