Short Artist Statement

My work deconstructs the new cultural awareness of the 21st century while embracing the 19th’s reverence for the sublime.

The dramatic narrative of the work takes extraordinary yet common human events and presents them in a theatrical way. “Mother” is very often depicted as hero, as purveyor of life, as collective conscience.

The paint narrative uses an amalgam of pictorial ideas based on the Formalism of the 20th century, retinal painting of the 19th, and objective light and form of 17th. The masculine Abstract Expressionist formalist ideas present a contrast to the often feminine nature of the subject. It is a reminder that motherhood in my work is presented from an admiring outsider’s point of view.

Every stroke is carefully considered and I work mostly from life. When that isn’t possible, I use photos, never copying them mindlessly. I don’t use projections or tracings, because I want the work to have my handwriting, my individuality, my humanity. I want people to know a human did this.