Loss, a self portrait


Originally done as a study for my much larger painting titled "Father", this was done in response to the news of assissination of Neda, a young student who was a victim of a sniper attack while protesting the loss of the vote in her country. I always try to remember that though many in this country take their vote for granted, people are dying for the right to vote in others. They died for the right to vote in this country too and sadly, we seem to have forgotten those lessons. This painting painting is emotionally seen through the father who mourns the loss of his daughter while I mourn the loss of the vote. The pain of losing a child is too much for a parent to bear, while the pain of losing the vote is too much for a country to bear. I cry. Loss has won several awards since I painted it. Most significantly, it was a merit winner at the Portrait Society of America International Competition and was an honorable mention at Figurativas competition in Barcelona where it is printed in their catalog.