Color, Light, and Narrative: The Portrait Ricky Mujica Workshop with Terracotta and Ricky Mujica

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What you'll learn: This packed course, led by humanist representational painter Ricky Mujica, is designed to help you develop the skills needed to draw and paint realistically and naturalistically. You will learn to create proportional drawings, use color palettes accurately, and become more confident as a painter. This workshop will bring together the academic approach to drawing and form and an Impressionist, retinal approach to color and light.

You will learn to play colors up or play them down while combining optical and structural approaches to the drawing of the subject. The course starts by working on our drawing skills with visual exercises and techniques that will allow you to be confident in your ability to get your proportions and create a convincing likeness of whatever you are painting.

In the first part of this workshop, through drills and exercises, you will significantly speed up your ability to draw and capture what you see convincingly. It will give you the valuable skill of learning to work slower but paint faster. As you progress to the next section of the workshop, you will work on your ability to see color and its relationships accurately and confidently. Finally, you will learn how to capture form and sculptural qualities and accurately depict depth in paintings.

Course Outcome

Thoroughly developed drawing skills that emphasize an ability to use accurate proportions Create paintings with realistic color palettes and light usage Gather an ability to capture the sculptural qualities of subjects Learn to make choices that will enhance the feeling of depth in paintings

Includes: 2 personal critiques from Ricky Mujica & lifetime access to recordings, videos, and resources


Dates of workshop: Jan 14, 2022, Jan 14, 2022 Jan 21, 2022, Jan 21, 2022 Jan 28, 2022, Jan 28, 2022 Feb 4, 2022, Feb 4, 2022

Price: $340 USD

Get more info and to sign up please visit Terracotta.